Are You Looking And
Feeling Your Best?

If the answer is no, you're not alone.

Many of us live such busy - some might say frantic - lives that often one of the first things to go is our health. Does this description fit you?

  • You eat too many meals on the run.
  • You don't pay too much attention to the kinds of foods you eat. Fast is good.
  • You can't remember the last time you had a tall glass of pure water.
  • Exercise? What's that?
  • Relaxation is collapsing in front of the TV.
  • You're starting to look like a small house from the rear.
  • You jiggle in all sorts of less than desirable places.
What happened to that young, vibrant, gorgeous creature you used to be?

Ok, so maybe you were never a movie star but the truth is we all look better when our skin is firm and glowing, our eyes sparkle, our hair shines and our weight is appropriate for our body type.

Aging is a fact of life, but there's a difference between a healthy forty-year-old and an unhealthy one. And a lot of the deterioration that we think is inevitable can be improved and even reversed with a few judicious changes. Which is what this site's about.


A 90-Day Health Makeover? How realistic is that?

First let's look at the facts. Scientific studies have taught us that the human body replaces all its cells over a two-year period. So why can't we make a few adjustments so that the new cells are of a slightly better quality than the cells they replace? If we feed our bodies better fuel, why shouldn't we raise their level of functioning?

We put together a 90-day program because it's a more realistic time frame for making changes than a 30-day or 60-day program. This is not about rushing. It's about taking small steps for lasting change.

We'll be putting our program online over the next few months. And when it's completed you'll be invited to join. In the meantime, you can sign up to be notified as to when the program opens.


Here are some of the articles you'll find on the site:

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Health Essentials: What You Need To Do To Stay Healthy
What are the eight health essentials that you ignore at your peril? With a few simple steps you can reclaim your health and enjoy your life again.
Deep Breathing Exercises: How To Get More Energy
There are many deep breathing exercises but this is one of the easiest to fit into your day.
A Glass Of Water: How Often Do You Drink One?
Can a glass of water make much difference to your health? You'll be amazed how much.
Good Nutrition: How Do You Choose?
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Detox Your Body: A Simple Path To Wellness
To learn how to detox your body, you need to choose a method that best suits you. Here are some of your choices.
Benefits To Exercise: Why Your Body Needs Daily Movement
What are the benefits to exercise? It's not something most of us are drawn to do so there has to be a really large payoff to get us up and moving.
Relaxation Techniques: Simple Ways To Recharge Your Batteries
Relaxation techniques don't have to be complicated or expensive. Here are some simple techniques you can do right now to enjoy a state of relaxation.
The Endocrine System: How Your Hormones Keep You Healthy
The glands in your endocrine system keep your body healthy with no input from you. How can you keep your hormones in perfect health?
The Aging Process: What It Is And What You Can Do About It
Do you dread the aging process? Although aging is inevitable, it doesn't need to be a negative experience.
Affiliate Links: A Brief Explanation Of Affiliate Programs
What are affiliate links and how do they affect the relationship between the visitor and the web owner?
Pain Relief: The Importance Of Pain Signals
Pain relief is one of the key factors in living a low-stress lifestyle. thre;s no reason to put up with chronic pain when so many pain relief methods are available at the click of a mouse.
Back Pain Relief: A Natural Method To Relieve Back Pain
If you suffer from chronic back pain, you'll do just about anything to get some back pain relief. Here's one method that looks at eliminating the causes of back pain, resulting in back pain relief.
Emotional Health: What Is Emotional Health?
What is emotional health and how is it connected to physical health?
Looking Good: What You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Looks
You don't have to wait till you reach some arbitrary goal to start looking good. Here's what you can do right now to get the ball rolling.
The Lawrence Armstrong Detox Diet
If you want a simple system for clearing out any residual toxins in your system, the Lawrence Armstrong Detox Diet is a proven program that has changed the lives of thousands.
Lawrence Armstrong: Interview With A Client
Lawrence Armstrong was a pioneer in the alternative health field in Australia, read our interview with someone who followed his teachings and knew him well.
A Simple Low Carb Diet Plan
If you love fruits and vegetables and don't want to give them up to lose weight, you won't need to on this low carb diet plan.
Healthy Foods: Your Healthy Foods Substitution List
Not clear about how to change your eating habits from poor quality foods to healthy foods? It's easy if you use our Healthy Foods Substitution List.
Food Combining: Is Food Combining Necessary For Good Health?
Is food combining a hoax? Or can it really help you? Here's an easy way to find out.
The Alkaline Diet: Why People Choose An Alkaline Diet
Many health practitioners scoff at the alkaline diet, but many people claim it has turned their health around. Here's a bried introduction to the alkaline diet and the theory behind it.
The Alkaline Foods List: How To Keep Your Body In Balance
Our alkaline foods list is the chart we use when choosing foods to maintain a healthy acid-alkaline balance.
Acidic Foods: Managing Your Body's Acid-Alkaline Balance
An overabundance of acidic foods in your diet can result in some distressing health problems. But cutting down on acidic foods can restore your acid-alkaline balance, and consequently your health.
The Raw Food Diet: How Raw Foods Can Enhance Your Life
A raw food diet doesn't have to be about eating bland foods and craving a filling meal. Find out where to get some excellent raw food diet recipes in our recommended resources.
Food Shopping: Tips For Food Shopping On A Budget
Is your food shopping budget spiraling out of control? Here are some tips on food shopping for less.
Fast Weight Loss: The Drop One Dress Size Diet
Do you need a fast weight loss diet? Here is a simple way to achieve fast weight loss in time for a special event.
The South Beach Diet: An Easy To Use Diet Plan
The South Beach Diet is an easy-to-use diet plan that utilizes the Glycemic Index.
French Dressing Recipe
Try a simple French dressing recipe that gets rave reviews every time you serve it to guests.
The Glycemic Index
Research over the past 20 years has discovered the key role carbohydrates play in weight gain. The Glycemic Index can help you evaluate the carb content of your food and balance your diet accordingly
Scarsdale Diet Salad Dressing
When you prefer to dress your salads with an oil-free dressing, the Scarsdale Diet salad dressing recipe is simple to prepare yet easy on the taste buds.
Mini Trampoline: Using A Mini Trampoline Or Rebounder For Better Health
Did you know a mini trampoline or rebounder can exercise your internal organs and clean out your lymph system?
Tea Caffeine Removal: How To Decaffeinate Tea
If you worry about the caffeine in your tea, here's an easy tea caffeine removal method.
Attention Migraine Sufferers...
If you've suffered way too long with migraine headaches, help is on the way. Visit this page to find out more.
Suffer From High Cholesterol?
High cholesterol can be a life threatening condition. You can participate in a new book on treating high cholesterol by taking this survey.
Attention Allergy Sufferers...
If you've battled allergies your whole life, you know how debilitating that can be. Our new book on treating allergies, written by a GP and health educator, may be the answer you've been waiting for.
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